Top Crash Diet:The Tuna DietIt is not impossible to lose 10 pounds in 3 days. However, do keep in mind that, if you haven’t gone through a detoxification procedure before, you will most likely eliminate 80% water and only 20% fat.

Liquid Diet Weight Loss

The liquid diet comes in many versions and each individual is free to choose the one that fits him or her best. However, it is not recommended that you follow this diet for longer than 7 days. The average recommended length of such a diet is 4 to 5 days.

A liquid type of diet is recommended for detoxification. Added weight loss comes as a direct consequence of eliminating toxins and excess water. In other words: you will only eliminate very little fat. Considering that water retention is also responsible for cellulite and a chubby look, your body shape will change significantly after following this diet.

Principles of liquid diets

  • As the name suggests, you are allowed to drink only liquids during the whole diet. No solid food is allowed.
  • Each meal should consist of minimum 400 calories, so that your overall daily menu reaches a number of 1200 calories.
  • Drink plenty of water every day (8 glasses).
  • Drink homemade fruit and vegetable juice, as they offer antioxidants and nutrients.
  • Do not work out, as the liquid diet only provides enough energy for you to perform your daily tasks: it cannot support a sustained workout program.
  • You can drink one glass of homemade garlic juice, to accelerate digestion and elimination of feces.

What can you eat?

  • The clear liquid diet allows as the name indicates liquid foods that are transparent like, bouillon or broth, coffee, tea and clear fruit juice.
  • The full liquid diet allows both clear and opaque liquids as well as any drink that has a smooth consistency and find its origin with people that have problems chewing.

Advantages of liquid diets

  • They help you lose weight in a short amount of time.
  • They eliminate excess water.
  • They detoxify your body.
  • They are low cost.

Disadvantages of liquid diets

  • They might be dangerous for your health, so consult your doctor first.
  • They don’t burn high amounts of fat, but mostly eliminate water and toxins.
  • Liquid protein diets may cause cardiac arrhythmia: an abnormal rate
    of muscle contractions in your heart.
  • Not recommended to diabetics, unless they monitor their blood sugar level constantly.
  • They may cause nutrients imbalance.


Take into consideration both pros and cons for these liquid diets. People who suffer from health issues must consult their personal physician before beginning any type of diet. Since the liquid diet offers a low calorie intake, you should follow it for only a few days and then start eating solid food again. Moreover, make sure you consume juices that include a wide range of nutrients and vary your menu as often as possible.

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