Top Crash Diet:The Tuna DietIt is not impossible to lose 10 pounds in 3 days. However, do keep in mind that, if you haven’t gone through a detoxification procedure before, you will most likely eliminate 80% water and only 20% fat.

Lose Weight Fast With Fruits

Personally I love fruits you have them in all kind of variations and tastes. You can eat them whenever you want or make a fruit salad and you can add them in your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fruits are very good for your health it contains a lot of vitamins and it even can help you to lose weight. Fruit contains a lot of water and water is a very important key element in your battle against weight loss. Fruit can help you lose weight in a delicious and healthy way; all you need to do is incorporate them into your daily eating habits.

Fruits can really be helpful in detoxifying our bodies. They, too, are effective agents in losing weight in order to achieve your ideal body. You can try fresh fruits that are in season, and lastly, you can enjoy fresh smoothies for dessert!

Top 3 fruits to lose weight

1.    Grapes

Instead of munching your way through a packet of biscuits after a hard day, try grapes instead. They’re high in sugar, but as long as you don’t overdo it, they offer the same soothing hand-to-mouth action with none of the fat. They’re especially good chilled besides; a hundred grams of grapes contain only 70 calories.

2. Pineapples

Pineapple is good fruit which help you lose weight around your waist. But you must have to known that they should be taken after meal. The enzyme in pineapples has a strong capacity of decomposition of protein. It will help digesting the meat, but it may cause stomach hurt if you take pineapples before meal.

3. Banana

Bananas along with a healthy diet plan are the best way to take off weight and maintain a healthy diet. You need to decide when you want to eat your bananas because there are several choices. You can eat 2 bananas 3 times a day and you can eat them with your meals. The main thing that bananas do is they help to digest your food which will increase your weight loss.

Most slimmers know that fruits are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet and can help you when you’re trying to lose weight.

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