Top Crash Diet:The Tuna DietIt is not impossible to lose 10 pounds in 3 days. However, do keep in mind that, if you haven’t gone through a detoxification procedure before, you will most likely eliminate 80% water and only 20% fat.

Weight Loss Exercises for Women

It is possible for you to find a sport or some other kind of intense physical activity that you will like a lot. Ideally, you should practice at least one of the following sports for one hour every day. In addition to losing weight, many of these exercises also improve your mood, help eliminate stress and keep you in a great physical shape.

Top 5 exercises for weight loss

  • Swimming burns up to 800 calories/h. It is one of the best exercises for weight loss, because it involves all groups of muscles in the human body. Swimming also has a good psychological impact: it is a pleasant and fun activity because muscles contract without you handling any weight. This sport is great for the activity of your heart muscles and your lungs, and also fights against cellulite.
  • Step-aerobics are rhythmic moves using a low holder, similar to a small chair or bench. That also burns up to 800 calories/h. The moves involved resemble climbing stairs, and the constant rhythmic pace engages a high cardio rate, making step-aerobics a great cardio exercise. These movements stress mainly the legs, buttocks and thighs: the regions where most women deposit fat.
  • Dancing burns between 600 and 800 calories/h and reshapes your silhouette in a pleasant manner. It is also a great relaxing method that you can practice whenever you have some spare time. You can practice it at home listening to your favorite music, or with your friends in a club. If you want visible results in less than a month, then you should dance for at least 1 hour every day.
  • Jogging burns up to 600 calories/h and it can be practiced both outdoors and in a gym. It is a great exercise for weight loss and it can also help you sculpt your areas affected by cellulite. Its greatest advantage is that it doesn’t imply high expenses nor equipment.
  • Bicycling burns between 400 and 600 calories/h. It improves your posture, tones your abdomen, legs and thighs. It helps you to eliminate excess fat in a very pleasant way enjoying nature and the outdoors. Or buy an indoor model and ride it when watching TV.

All the aforementioned weight loss exercises are great for your health, cardio pace and silhouette. Even if you don’t have time to work out every day, you should try and practice them at least 3-4 days every week. Associate this with a healthy diet rich in good fats, carbs from whole grains and fibers and vitamins from vegetables and fruit.

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